NHNAI first academic workshop

The first Academic Workshop of the NHNAI project took place at Université Catholique de Lyon (Lyons, France) on March 10-11, 2022

The main goal of the workshop was to harness (academic) expertise and knowledge in order to prompt societal questioning upon humanism at the time of NS and AI in a second stage. Indeed, the reflection upon what it means to be human at the time of NS and AI cannot belong to academic experts only. It calls for collective discussion and societal debate. This is why NHNAI does not aim at academically or technically defining what humanism should be. Instead, the project targets ethical capacity-building of all concerned societal actors through awareness-raising to this question of humanism.

Contributions at the service of societal reflection

Contributions from attendants to the workshop provided elements of response to questions as varied and crucial such as: among the knowledge (academic) experts possess or master, what should be highlighted to empower and enrich collective societal questioning about what it means to be human at the time of AI and NS? What needs clarification before we explore collectively this issue? What is important to have in mind when confronting it? What are the societal questions (academic) experts should submit to societal debate?

Contributions made by attendees, which were particularly interdisciplinary, sought to highlight the most important and salient elements of knowledge and expertise in order to render them accessible to the entire community of experts, and always in the spirit of empowering and enriching societal questioning next.

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